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Your business deserves a fighting chance of success, let me help your business improve its Google rankings and gain more business with my SEO services.

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Freelance SEO Consultant Services

All of my SEO consultant services can be tailored to your specific needs. Some of the SEO consultancy services I provide include the following:

SEO Consultancy

Understand your Business
SEO Health checks and Audits
SEO Research and Planning
Optimisation and Execution

SEO Audits

Technical Analysis
On-page Analysis
Keyword Research
Competitive Research

Content Marketing

Blogger Outreach
Content Recommendations
Content Development
Digital PR

Link Building

Quality Backlinks
High Domain Authority sites
Contextual and Do-Follow
Natural Placement

Local SEO

Google My Business
Local Citations
Local Backlink Building
Local Digital PR

National SEO

On-Site SEO
Content Development
Backlink Building
Digital PR

Competitor Analysis

Identify Growth Opportunities
Link Research
Traffic Monitoring
Position Tracking

SEO Website Migration

Post Migration Checks
Minimise Effect to Google Rankings

Google Penalty Removal

Position Recovery Services
Address Technical Issues
Disavow Unwanted Links
Handle Reconsideration Requests

Offering You A

Tailored SEO SolutionHonest SEO ServiceSEO Advice Service

Tailored SEO Solution

If you’d like a free SEO consultation to discuss how I can help your company grow and what your SEO requirements are, please contact me.

Once I’ve received your details, I’ll will reply to schedule a time for us to discuss your SEO needs – i’m happy to chat even if you’re just looking for some tips from an SEO consultant.

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SEO Consultancy Services

I love working with new clients and showing them how my SEO consultancy services can boost and transform their business. I have worked with so many clients taking them from zero or very few online conversions to businesses who see more sales and leads come from online than offline! I provide the following:

  • Higher website positions
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Another memeber of your team
  • Monthly SEO reports
  • No contracts

The Benefits Of Working With An SEO Consultant

As an SEO expert with many your experience in improving website rankings in Google, I’m passionate about search engine optimisation and believe that if you want to have a successful business in todays world you need SEO to boost your rankings and have your website found at the top of Google. SEO is the most affordable digital marketing strategy and offers a fantastic ROI.

When working with an SEO consultant, you will find that your website will receive more organic traffic and business.

Search Engine Optimisation offers the following benefits:

A Fast User Friendly Website

Google have made it very clear and the most recent updates show that user experience is now a really important ranking factor. As your SEO consultant I will help make your website load and run faster creating a better user experience that helps your websites rank higher in search engines. Your faster and higher ranking website will bring in qualified leads and conversions.

Increased Credibility and Trust

Ranking high in  Google’s search results signals to potential customers that you’re a great business to deal with. The same applies if you are found lower in the search results or not even found at all. Why isn’t Google valuing your site? Are you not trustworthy?

Increase in Highly Qualified Traffic

When working on your website my aim is to drive a large amount of high qualified traffic to your website. The higher I can get your website in Google’s search engine results the more clicks and traffic your website will receive. The top spots in Google get much more traffic than those on page 2 and below. The more traffic going to your website the higher the chance of a conversion!

A Higher ROI

SEO is far less expensive than other forms of aquiring customers than other methods of advertising. My my opinion SEO is the best form of digital marketing. With other forms of marketing you have to everytime someone clicks on your advert or everytime your advert is seen, with SEO the only costs are in hiring a freelance SEO consultant. Unless you have experience in writing website code and/or have the time to research and learn the ever updaing Google algorithms, you will need a freelance SEO specialist to grow & increase your rankings.

Long Lasting Benefits

SEO needs to be looked at as an investment. It takes time to get great results but once you are there you just need to maintain them. Once you have results you can see lots of traffic month after month for a fixed fee with lots of new leads and sales for a long time to come.

Compete with Larger Companies

SEO allows smaller businesses to compete against  larger companies in their industry. SEO isn’t always about who has the biggest budget, with a bit of creativity I can give you an advantage over your competitors regardless of their size!

What My Clients Say

Some kind words from my respected clients


We have seen fantastic results from working with Mike as our SEO consultant. We saw a huge increase in traffic and online sales are beyong our expectations.


Hanna Frederick


Mike couldn’t have been more helpful. I wasn’t sure what we needed to do to get more leads from my website but Mike explained things clearly and delivered the results!


Steven Kendall


Working with Mike as our SEO expert was a great decision. We are on page 1 of Google for so many search terms and our phones ring daily with new leads!


Bethany Denton

Why Work With Me As Your SEO Consultant?

Let me grow your business with my SEO services.

  • My SEO consultancy services are focused on increasing relevant traffic to your website that will increase the number of leads and sales your business receives from organic traffic.
  • I have an excellent track record for giving fantastic results for clients across many different industries.
  • I’m an SEO expert, who knows how to grow your business and be part of your team.
  • As well as being a freelance SEO specialist, I also own an SEO agency and can backup all my services with a team as and when required.
  • My SEO prices are cost effective, with the results I deliver making it easy for your to earn much more than the services cost.
  • I’ve worked with and marketed a wide range of businesses, both large and small.

My Approach To Search Engine Optimisation

As you would expect from a peronal service my SEO consulting advice and service varies from client to client. Some business owners are looking for local business and others want national clients, some are in a competitive industry, others less so. Whatever your needs I will provide a service that will grow your business. A typical approach for my SEO consultancy services is as follows:


My first task as your SEO consultant is to understand your business and your objectives. What do you want from working with an SEO expert? Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Improve your search rankings & positions? Increase Leads? Sell More Online? As a result from our initial consultation, we will agree your goals, expectation and pricing.

Technical SEO Audit

The next is to identify how your website is currently performing and how Google and the other search engines see and crawl your site. Any issues we find during the technical SEL process, will need to be corrected as these can have a massive impact on your Google rankings.

Competitor Research

After your technical SEO audit, I’ll analyse your competitors, i’ll look at their websites and what SEO techniques they are using. This information will let see any opportunities you are currently missing and what search engine optimisation strategies we need to use to increase your rankings and overtake them!

Keyword Research

We will use all the SEO software tools we have available to complete keyword research. This will let us find keywords that are being used to find your products / services. We will look for high searched keywords that have buying intent to increase the number of sales you receive. This keyword research will form the basis of your content marketing strategy, which will effect how we ranking your website.

Content Development

After we’ve identified what keywords we want to target, we’ll work together to create new unique content which will attract new customers. As part of the content development process, we will evaluate current content and optimise it accordingly.

SEO Backlinks

While the technical work is being developed and new content is being added to your website, I’ll also start your SEO backlinking outreach services. SEO link building is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO and getting a website to the top of Google. I’m very good at getting powerful backlinks pointing to a website, my services will improve your search results.

Reporting & Ongoing SEO Work

As your site rises up through Google, I’ll monitor the performance and report to you on a monthly process. I will also continue to monitor your competitors and refining both your content and linkbuilding. As a professional SEO consultant I know the importance of regular reviews, without continuous work your website rankings will fall and it will be twice as hard to build it back up.

I’m Waiting To Help You

Get in touch with me today and let’s start growing your business with a fantastic SEO strategy.

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Looking for some answers to common questions SEO consultants are asked? Please see below a list I have compiled, if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to use the full phrase is the process of improving your website so that you receive more free traffic from Google and other search engines in the organic search results. When working on your SEO I am looking to improve and increase both the quantity and quality of traffic coming into your website.

With me as your SEO expert you will start to attract an audience from Google who are interested in the products or services that you offer, because these people are activcly searching for your products/services this method of marketing offers a very high ROI. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing and if you want more customers then its the process you should be running on your website.

What does a Freelance SEO Consultant / SEO Expert do?

As your UK freelance SEO Consultant, I will use a range of organic search engine optimisation tactics to boost your website from not being found or receiving very little traffic  to a page one ranking on Google! Increasing your online presence, website traffic and sales!

As your SEO expert I will perform a range of services to rank your site on Google, these may include:

  • Analysing your company website using a proven technical SEO Audit to determine an issues that may prevent your website ranking on Google. If I find anything that will effect your ranking, I will then use this important data to make changes to your website.
  • I will also analyse your competitors and their reverse engineer their strategies to see what they are doing to rank higher than you. From this analysis we will not only be able to match what they are doing but also improve on their SEO strategies. This process will involve marketplace analysis, on and off page seo analysis utilising a range of SEO techniques.
  • I will work with you to develop and refine content on your website. Sometimes you may develop this yourself internally, other times I will develop the content for you this all depends on how you would like to work. If you decide to work on this yourself, I will provide you with the keywords and topics to target and the content usually is reviewed by me with further suggestions given before going live.
  • As your SEO consultant I will use best practice methods to build backlinks to your site which will boost its popularity and visibility so we reach page one of Google and other search engines for words and phrases your target audience are using.
  • As an ongoing service I will, improve, monitor and track both your local SEO and national search rankings and provide solutions as and when they are required. As a reliable SEO consultant who wants you business to grow and maintain rankings, I want to work with you long term so we retain the search engine positions we earn.
Why do I need an SEO Consultant for my business?

While some people choose to complete their own SEO, these people are normally in low competition niches or end up spending more time on their SEO than actually running their business. SEO takes a lot of knowledge and research, working with someone who spends all their time researching Google’s algorythms and seeing what makes a site rank is much faster than trying to learn and constantly educate your self on what to do.

As an experienced SEO consultant, I will help your business to succeed by analysing, reviewing, and improving your website with content as required and it’s incoming links. As your consultant I am available to give specialist SEO expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to your business.

The work I complete will result in higher search rankings on Google for a wide range of search terms. Hiring me as your UK Freelance SEO Consultant can be more cost effective than using a larger SEO agency as I have less overheads to provide SEO consultancy services. You will also find that your point of contact is always me, you wont be dealing with a member of a team or a sales person who then gets someone else to do the work. I live and breath SEO and will improve your SEO much more effectively than completing it yourself or working with someone else.

Can an SEO Consultant help with my local service business?

Yes I can. I have provides SEO consultancy for many different local businesses, including, plumbers, builders, accountants, solicitors, groundworks and electricians to name just a few. I have worked on their websites and advised them on how to rank their website in their local area, through search engine optimisation, and ranking their websites on Google. If you’re only looking for local customers then you need a local SEO specialist who has experience in local rankings. This doesn’t mean you need to find an SEO consultant who lives local to you, it’s about finding an SEO expert that can rank you on Google for the keywords and phrases your target customers are using to find your business.

How do I choose the best SEO Consultant?

When choosing which Freelance SEO Consultant to work with for your business, you should look for a good track record in delivering top rankings on Google. Not just for easy, low competition keywords, but also for highly competitive keywords / phrases.

One of the main things to look for is how experienced the SEO expert is, I have been an SEO consultant for 20 years back in the days where ranking on Google was as easy as putting your search term on the page one more time than your competitor. I have seen Google progress over the years, I have had to reverse engineer their algorythms an untold number of times, processed many different updates such as Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird etc.. As one of the UK’s leading SEO consultants, I have work with many different companies in many different industries and I am confident I can get your website to the top rankings on Google.

You need to work with an SEO consultant that is honest. Don’t choose a cheap SEO consultant, work with one that offers value for money, one that will tell you if the budget you propose is to low. As your freelance SEO consultants it will take a lot time and effort to get your site to rank high on Google (time = money). If you don’t invest enough in SEO your website will never rank and you will be throwing that money away. SEO doesn’t have to be expensive but you need to invest the right amount to move the needle and get positions that will give you a return on your investment.

What is the benefit of SEO over Pay Per Click marketing?

Getting traffic from potential clients is the lifeblood of any business / website. The success of your website is totally dependent on the quality and quantity of traffic that it receives. The best form of converting website traffic is from search engines NOT social media! This could be from organic searches or from PPC Pay Per Click advertising (e.g. Google Ads).

There are a number of benefits that SEO has over PPC, as most SEO consultants will tell you, these include:

  • Lower Cost: SEO is a fixed monthly cost, you don’t pay per click budgets wont run our and your advert wont stop showing if you get a high number of clicks that day. If someone clicks your website and then bounces off this hasn’t cost your any more with SEO.
  • More Keywords: SEO isn’t based on fixed keywords or phrases. With PPC you have to specify the keywords you want to be found for. With SEO, Google reviewa your content and makea sure your website is shown if it is relevant for phrases and keywords you may not have thought of but are relevant for.
  • Higher Trust: Most people skip past paid adverts knowing its based on who has the most money and sometimes irrelevant to the actual search. People know that the organic searches are there because they deserve to be and are trusted more.
  • SEO has a higher ROI: SEO is the gift that keeps on giving, because you aren’t paying per click once you have your rankings you don’t pay per click so you can have an unlimited number of website visitors a day. PPC can be costly and you are paying for visitors that don’t convert.

This being said PPC isn’t a bad thing and does have benefits, we can use PPC to drive traffic until you receive high rankings, you can use it to test keywords, it can even be used to improve your click through rates which can effect your organic search positions.

Do you offer any other forms of digital marketing?

Not directly from this site however you can contact my agency for help with website design and other forms of digital marketing.

Does every business need an SEO expert?

Every business needs an SEO expert to get their website found on Google, and the best SEO consultants in the UK would agree with me.

Google is the bet place to get traffic on the internet, their are thousands of people searching for your products/services, if you can hire someone to get your business to the top of Google you will see a huge increase in business. The real question is, can you afford not to hire an SEO expert! If you are looking for more business hiring an SEO consultant or an SEO team to work with you on an ongoing basis to improve your visibility will grow your business.

How long will it take to rank my website?

We can usuall rank your website on page 1 on Google within a 3 month period. However it can take less time than this for you to start to see movement and an increase in traffic. If you have a smaller budget then it may take longer. We will discuss all this with you when you contact us for your initial consultation. Ranking a website may also take longer if your site is not ready to be ranked due to lack of content or if you have a Google penalty marked against your site.

If you want more specific timescales for ranking your website then contact me and I will complete some analysis and give you a better idea for what I can do for you and your business. I’ll give you an no-obligation, no-hassle estimate to improve your rankings and grow your business.

Why do my Google rankings fluctuate?

All Google rankings fluctuate. Google make many changes to their algorithms and it’s important that you stay up to date with their changes. A drop in positions isn’t always down to something you have done, it could be that Google are now valuing a competitors site more than yours. Our job as your SEO consultants is to review an changes in position and help you get back on top. You also need to remember that your rankings can also be different is searching on different computers in different locations, this could be down to the search history on that computer or that Google thinks that people in that location want a different result.


Why won’t my website rank on Google?

All websites will rank on Google. If you are having problems with a first page ranking then it could be down to a number of things. The first could be a Google penalty, this isn’t as bad as it sounds and there are things we can do to fix this and put you on the right track. It could be down to your website, many websites built on website builders such as Wix struggle to rank, so a simple move to another platform such as WordPress can fix your problems.

Not ranking in Google isn’t always about your website it, could just be that your in a competitive industry or your competitors are doing a better job than you. Maybe you are working with an SEO consultant but aren’t paying enough to get results as quick as you would like. As part of our initial SEO review I will take a look at your website and let you know what is needed to get your website to rank.

Should I start SEO before or after my website is built?

We highly advise that you get advice from us ASAP, this will help you from making any mistakes that will need fixing later which may cost you aditional money. We often get contacted by people who have had a new site built and the first advice we need to give is that it needs rebuilding again, or that a significant amount of work needs to be completed before you can expect to see results. These types of mistakes can easily be prevented by having us work with your designer from the start.

How do you find the right keywords for my business?

We have many SEO tools available to us that will help identify the most important keywords to rank your business for. The tools at our disposal will tell us the volume of monthly searches and their difficulty to rank for. One free tool we use is Google’s Keyword Planner which gives good keyword tips. We also use a range of paid for tools and tools we have developed in house. We also complete manual research to find the intent for those keywords.

We also complete competitor research. As professional SEO consultants we take a good look at your competitors’ sites and identify which keywords they rank for. As the best SEO consultants are specialists in search engine optimisation, we will also use a number of SEO tools to find out how much traffic they receive from these keywords.

What are your SEO Prices?

I typically charge between £295 and £1,999 per month depending on your SEO requirements. If you have a small, established website that is targetting local customers then you will be at the lower end over the pricing scale, if however you are in a competitive marketing or run a national eCommerce store with 1,000’s of products in a competitive market you may me more towards the upper end. Every website is different and is in a different starting place, so it’s best to contact me to find out how much it will be to rank your website and find out how long it will take.

A large proportion of my customers choose to stay with me long after they have received page 1 rankings on Google because they want to continue to receive high numbers of sales and leads, this is because of the high return on investment SEO gives.

If you’d like a no obligation price for expert SEO consultancy services then feel free to give me a call with your site details and goals. Using me as your SEO consultant can help you gain more organic traffic and grow your business, so why not get in touch now?

I’ve seen SEO packages for £50 are these any good?

I would advise strongly against picking cheap SEO packages. Whilst there are many SEO freelancers who will offer cheap SEO packages, you can be sure that the services they offer will hurt your website in the long term! SEO’s offering cheap packages do this by using what is known as black hat SEO methods, these methods will ruin your website rankings and are most importantly are against Google guidelines. A good SEO consultant wouldn’t do this, a good SEO consultant looks to provide a quality service and build a long lasting relationship with their clients. A blackhat SEO consultant will use automated tools to add your site to link directories, blog comments and forum profiles or even hacked websites.

The old, well known saying is true: you get what you pay for. If you want increased Google rankings then choose an SEO consultant that cares about your business, uses white hat SEO techniques, is trustworthy and follows the Google quality guidelines.

I have more questions, can you help?

If you have any more general SEO questions  such as “what is SEO?” or “how can SEO consulting services help grow my business” or if you have questions that need answering before hiring an SEO consultant please get in touch i’m always happy to chat and give advice.

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